3 People You Need to Know to Improve Your Finance Career


If you want to get ahead in your finance career there are definitely people who can help you take the next step.

These people can do everything from providing timely advice at critical junctures to helping you with your resume. If you’re looking to get ahead, here are the three people you need to build relationships with.

Key Contact in Another Department
Having a relationship with a key contact in another department can help improve your business savvy. Why? Because your interactions with them will gain you a greater understanding of the business as a whole. This in turn leads to better strategic decision making and more valuable input in meetings. This is particularly important for those people who plan to stay with a company and advance. The more cross-functional understanding and support you have, the greater value you have to your organization.

Everyone from a junior accountant to a CFO should have a mentor. Mentors provide guidance not only on your technical skill development, but your soft skill growth as well. They can help offer a balanced perspective on navigating a company’s political waters and be an advocate for you should you need it. Having a mentor is definitely a key part of moving your career forward.

Finance and Accounting Recruiter
Building and nurturing a relationship with a tenured finance and accounting recruiter can open up many career opportunities. A good recruiter invests in your career and can be someone you tap into for guidance on a variety of job-related issues. They can keep you in mind for roles that will assist you in achieving your career goals and help you decide if the move you want to make is a good one. They are valuable resources to have in your job search corner.

If you want to advance your finance career it pays to build a relationship with a key cross-functional contact. It also helps to know a tenured finance and accounting recruiter. Perhaps, most importantly, it’s imperative to foster a relationship with someone you admire that can serve as your mentor.