How to Become an Accounting Consultant


Being an accounting consultant can come with a lot of perks – flexible hours, tax benefits and better money.  There are, however, certain pieces of the puzzle that must be in place for you to experience success in the land of self-employment.  Here are some tips for becoming an accounting consultant.

Step 1: Be Certain
First and foremost be certain that the world of self-employment is truly a fit for your personality and skill set.  Connect with other consultants and ask what challenges they face.  Know that you’re leaving a well-defined role for a more ambiguous environment.  Accept that people are “purchasing” your skills and that they will not be investing in you the same way they would in a permanent employee.

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Step 2: Define What Makes You Marketable
Let’s say you’ve been a Director of FP&A for the last 5 years.  You’ve become a budgeting and forecasting guru.  This skill set is what makes you marketable.  It’s what you’ll be hired for.  That being said, there are other ways to generate value for your prospective employer.  Understand their wish list.  Position yourself not simply as a functionary, but as a true consultant who can deliver on what the company needs, and what they want.

Step 3: Network
Contract roles have a defined start and end date. This means you will be responsible for sourcing your next opportunity.  The key to securing a steady stream of roles is to network as much as possible.

  • Meet with as many accounting and finance recruiters as you can even when you’re employed – meet with recruiters that specialize in both permanent and contract positions
  • Reach out to people with whom you did your designation
  • Connect with former colleagues, or with people that worked for your competition
  • View each meeting as a chance to build your professional brand and uncover opportunities – but remember, focus on the other person and deepening the relationship
  • Focus on your industry
  • Go to coffee with your closest colleague first and don’t leave until you have an introduction to another contact

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Key Takeaways
Becoming an accounting consultant does offer a number of benefits like flexible hours and more lucrative pay. It also brings with it specific challenges and is definitely not suitable to a personality that prefers predictable routine. Be sure that the world of consulting makes sense for who you are. Understand what makes you marketable and that employers are hiring you for that specific skill set. Know that you will be responsible for sourcing every job and so ensure that you network consistently.

Your Next Step
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