How to Become Indispensable in Your Accounting Job


Chuck Noll, the famous coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, once said, “Everyone’s job is important, no one is indispensable.” And while this is true, every office has someone that would be particularly hard to replace. Whether it’s because of key relationships, or an ability to be a “go to” person, consistently demonstrating value can make you the individual who weathers the downsizing storm.

Identify Strengths and Become an Expert
What are you especially good at? While you may perform a specific set of duties and responsibilities, is there an area where you can become the resident expert? Focus your energy there and become the “go to” person.

Develop Complementary Skills – Particularly Communication
Technical accounting wizardry paired with strong communication skills is an unbeatable combination. Research conducted by Clarity Recruitment showed that C-Suite members clearly identified communication skills as the key to the success of finance and accounting personnel.

Add Value
Look for ways to add value. Are you a natural mentor? Can you help your team be successful? Can you spot processes that could be automated and develop a plan to re-engineer them? Being proactive and innovative makes you particularly valuable.

Read: “10 Traits of Innovative Leaders” from the Harvard Business Review for more information on traits that unite innovative managers.

Be Reliable
Become the employee that people know will deliver when asked. Most importantly, when things become challenging, show that you’re willing to step up and get things done – even if it means long days.

Make Your Manager’s Life Easier
Most employees try to get their work done and fly under the radar. Indispensable employees, however, identify ways to make their manager’s life easier. Communicate that you are ready to take on additional responsibility, and then make sure to become a person your boss can rely on.

Think Strategically
Think beyond your current responsibilities. How can you help your company be successful? Take on leadership roles, or participate in special projects that have high visibility. Become a key contributor to stand out. 

Build Relationships
Building strong, cross-functional relationships increases your value. Understand what different departments do in the organization and operate from a posture of service to help business unit leaders be successful. In addition, consider connecting with a mentor who can be your advocate in challenging times.

ReadFrom Junior Accountant to CFO – Why Everyone Needs a Mentor” to understand how important a mentor can be in creating the career that you want.

Get Tech Savvy
Increasingly, accountants are the bridge between finance and IT. The more tech savvy you are, the harder you are to replace. For more insight into the increasing tech demands for accountants read this blog

ReadHow Big Data is Changing the Finance and Accounting Landscape” for more information into how the best accountants are becoming far more than just number crunchers.

Key Takeaways
While no one is indispensable, you can certainly make it difficult to replace you. Play to your strengths and become a resident expert in a particular area. Look for ways to innovate and add value to your organization. Try to make your manager’s life easier. Demonstrate a willingness to work long hours and do what’s needed to get the job done. Become a strong communicator, and make sure that you are technologically savvy. Ultimately, you’ll be the kind of person that your organization will want to hold onto.

Your Next Step
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