How to Find the Best Toronto-Based Jobs in Finance


Finding a great finance job is more about leg work than luck. There are a number of boxes you need to tick to be successful.

And while there’s no secret sauce to help you meet your goal, you can enhance your chances of landing that game changing finance role by doing the following 3 things.

Network Internally
Who doesn’t love to attend the yearly golf networking event after a hectic week of work? We know, all you want to do is retreat and relax without having to think about networking. But the reality is that you need to invest both on and off the job to build strong relationships. Try to allocate one day a month to doing something that strengthens your connections with your co-workers. After all, the next opportunity is often about who you know, not what you know.

Leverage the Web
The web is also a wonderful place to source your next role. Craft a great LinkedIn profile. Join relevant groups and participate in (or start!) discussions. Write compelling posts that demonstrate thought leadership. Now tweet them. Consider starting and writing a blog on industry hot topics. The web can provide endless opportunities to promote yourself.

Connect With a Recruiter
Recruiters make it their business to know what’s happening in the job market. Realistically their success depends on understanding industry trends. This can make them valuable sources of information that can aid you in your job search. Couple that with their employer network and it makes sense to build a relationship with a tenured finance and accounting recruiter.

If you’re in job search mode and looking for a great, new role make sure to network face to face and on-line. Connect to a tenured recruiter and build a relationship founded on transparency and respect. If you do so it’s only a matter of time before you hear about that job you’ve been waiting for.