How to Know if an Employee is Ready to Become a Manager


Your organization believes in promoting from within. As such, it makes sense that someone from your existing employee pool should become your next manager. The question is, how do you know if someone is truly ready to become a leader? Here are 8 signs that you have your next manager in your ranks.

From “Me” to “Us”
The sign of a true leader is that their success is defined, in large part, by building success in others. Language that shows a team perspective rather than an individual point of view can be indicative of leadership ability.

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Shows Initiative
If an employee takes the initiative in identifying areas for improvement (like streamlining processes) and then develops a strategy for making things better, it’s a good sign that there is leadership potential.

Takes Responsibility
Does the individual willingly take on leadership roles, such as taking the lead on a systems implementation or other initiative? More importantly, does the team accept the person in this role and deliver for them?

Own Their Mistakes
A leader owns his/her mistakes. They learn from their missteps and can explain how they’ll take action in the future to ensure it doesn’t happen again. An ability to own mistakes and grow from them indicates a high level of self-awareness – a trait you want in any future leader for your organization.

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Does the employee consistently produce exceptional work? If so, you know their technical skill set is in order. And if their current role demands cross-functional relationship building then it’s an even stronger indicator that they’ll have the skill set necessary to excel as a leader.

Communication Style
Great managers are able to be assertive communicators. They can give pushback if they don’t agree, but it always comes from a place of respect. Watch how your employee interacts with his fellow team members, management and non-finance peers.

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Leaders that inspire others to produce their best work are resilient and highly motivated. They don’t focus on obstacles and they demonstrate grit in the face of adversity. Does your employee arrive with a plan A, but also a plan B, C or D just in case? If so, you likely have someone with leadership potential on your hands.

They’re Already Managing
Often, before they’re ever a leader, your employee is already managing, helping others with their challenges or being the “go to” person for the rest of the team.

Your Next Step
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