How to Write Killer Finance Job Descriptions


You gaze pensively at your new hire. They are currently demonstrating the art of balancing a pencil on their nose to a somewhat appreciative audience. You ponder where your hiring process went wrong. The issue, you muse, seems to be your finance job descriptions. They just aren’t capturing the attention of the best candidates. So how do you write a killer job description that brings the right talent to your door?


Strategy 1: Talk to Stakeholders
Break down the “must haves” with relevant stakeholders. This collaborative approach ensures that those impacted by the hiring decision have a voice. It helps build consensus and makes each individual consider what success looks like in the role.  One caveat, if your list of qualities and technical skills means that you’re searching for the talent equivalent of a palomino unicorn with a spring in its step, you may need to pare the list down.

Strategy 2: Deliverables
Determine the candidate’s 3 and 6 month deliverables. This will help define the “Responsibilities” section of the job description. It will also have the added bonus of getting people on the same page. The benefit of this is a streamlined hiring process.

Strategy 3: The Hook
Start your job descriptions by speaking directly to your candidates. This constitutes the “hook”. Use the pronoun “you” and make sure to include the key soft and hard skills that are deal breakers. Include a call to action at the end of the hook section which encourages the candidate to apply. And remember, emotion engages buying behavior, so speaking to people’s aspirations is a good way to get them to buy-in to your organization.

Strategy 4: Your Culture
Your organization’s culture is critical in determining whether a candidate is a fit or not. Make sure, therefore, that your job posting reflects your company’s culture. Use your brand’s voice when writing the posting. Include a link to a separate company webpage for more information.

For practical, hands-on tips for making your company’s brand stand out in a job description read this blog.

Key Takeaways
To avoid writing finance job descriptions that attract the wrong kind of talent, sit down with relevant stakeholders and deconstruct what constitutes success in the role. Identify “must-have” hard and soft skills, determine key deliverables and write the posting in your brand’s voice. Remember that the best talent has options. Write your job posting to them, avoid canned language and focus on crafting an engaging hook. With these tips in mind you’ll be writing killer finance job descriptions in no time.

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