How to Land Your First Accounting Job


As an accounting student you know what to expect each day – get up (check), forage in the fridge for left over Thai food (check), get dressed (check) and stagger out the door ready to embrace the world of debits and credits.

What you may not be prepared for, however, is the challenge of landing your first accounting job.

By following the three tips below you stand a much greater chance of living a fruitful life and leaving the Ramen Noodles behind forever.


One of the first places employers go to find new talent is LinkedIn. A well-constructed profile that focuses on skills and achievements allows you to quietly position yourself as a worthwhile potential employee. Like all social media platforms, ensure that you consider your personal brand. Include a professional looking photo, use language that speaks to your abilities and try to secure recommendations that support your cause. In today’s hiring environment, a great LinkedIn profile is a strong step in the right direction.

Contract Work

All of us have a vision of landing the perfect, full-time accounting job. The reality is that competition for those first accounting jobs is quite fierce. Contract work allows you to build your skill set, enhance your network and position yourself for when the next permanent, full-time role opens up. With that in mind, treat any contract like a three-month interview. Build relationships, connect with your team and deliver.

Networking Events

Even with a great LinkedIn profile, nothing replaces the value of face-to-face networking. Consider attending a Chamber of Commerce function, or an event held by your respective accounting body. Prepare an elevator speech – a 15-30 second snapshot of your skill set and career goals.  This allows you to answer the dreaded question, “What do you do?” with authority and confidence.

While by no means a comprehensive list, the three tips above will definitely help you in landing your first accounting job.