Do You Need an Accounting Contractor for Year End?


Nothing matches the intensity and time demands of year-end.

And while accountants are trained to work under pressure, you may need to add the energy of a contractor into the mix. Here’s when an accounting contractor can be a worthwhile addition to your team.

Support and Augmentation
During year-end people are logging extra hours trying to meet tight timelines. Bringing in a contract resource for 3 to 4 months to work as a floater in a couple of key areas can help alleviate the pressure on your team, potentially resulting in a higher quality product.

High Growth
If your company has been experiencing a time of fast-paced, high growth it’s quite likely that you already have less staff than you need. Add the demands of year-end into the mix and your team, which has been impressively walking a time constraints tightrope, could unravel. If you’ve been running lean it may be time to consider adding an accounting contractor for year-end.

Junior Team
If you have a relatively inexperienced team without enough senior talent, you may consider adding a senior resource. Senior talent can add efficiency to an eager, new team and ultimately be a valuable addition.

Change in Reporting Standards
One of the most common reasons we see companies add a contractor at year-end is because of a change in reporting standards. Whether it’s because your company has acquired someone, or you’ve been acquired, chances are that the addition of an accounting contractor can help offset some of the extra workload.

Whether you have a change in reporting standards or a new team in need of a senior perspective, an accounting contractor may be just what you need to help lessen the pressure that comes with year-end.