Need Help With Your Job Search? How to Spot a Good Finance Recruiter


A good finance recruiter can connect you to opportunities in the finance and accounting job market. Finding a great finance recruiter, however, can be a challenge. Recruiters are by nature salespeople, but what you need is not someone who can simply sell, but can also understand your career objectives and connect you to the right organization. Here’s how to make sure you identify a finance recruiter that’s an asset to your goals.

One sign of the good finance recruiter is their level of responsiveness. Do they get back to you quickly? Are they interested in meeting with you face to face? The more responsive a recruiter is, the greater the likelihood they’ll work hard on your behalf.

Active Listening
Does your recruiter listen to understand, not just to reply? Great recruiters will ask questions about your past career choices, the strategy behind them and how they connect to your future aspirations. The more a recruiter can understand your strengths and challenges, the more effectively they can market you.

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What’s Different?
Most recruiting agencies will insist that they have the greatest collection of top performers and a true, tenured team. But if most agencies are claiming that, where’s the competitive advantage? First and foremost identify an agency that specializes in the finance and accounting space. They will have a unique understanding about market conditions and your skill set. Secondly, make sure they can clearly articulate what makes them different. For example, is there a proprietary technology that allows them to understand the alignment between a client’s needs and a candidate’s skills? Don’t be afraid to ask questions. A great recruiter wants to build a relationship with you based on mutual respect and transparency.

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Education manifests in two ways. Does the recruitment firm invest in the education of its people? The more educated your recruiter is about marketing, human capital trends and behavioral psychology, the more effective they will be at their job. Is the recruiter willing to educate you? The more you know about market conditions, interview techniques and resume writing, the better your chances of landing a role.

Transferable Skills
A strong accounting or finance recruiter will ask you about your transferable skills. Transferable skills can be the bridge into a role when you lack industry experience. Knowledge of your transferable skills and how they add value can help your recruiter market you to various clients.

Key Takeaways
Great finance or accounting recruiters have several traits in common. They’re active listeners and ask about transferable skills. They add value through true differentiators like proprietary technology or a willingness to educate. A relationship with an effective accounting or finance recruiter can help you land your next role and advance your career.

Your Next Step
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