When to Quit Your Finance Job – Part 2


Yesterday we explored the first two signs that it may be time to quit your finance job. We examined how significant turnover and limited opportunities for professional growth can indicate a need for change. Today we look at the importance that job duties, cohesive teamwork and opportunities play in paving the way for a professional transition.

Job Duties

While it’s understood that companies evolve and change and that their employees must demonstrate a certain level of adaptability, it’s still important that your job duties chart a path for furthering your career. Ultimately, your job requirements must feed your professional growth and match your core values. If this isn’t the case, it may be time to explore other opportunities for success.

Team Dysfunction

There is nothing as stressful as working as part of a dysfunctional team. Whether it’s poor leadership, or team members not sharing core values, the foundation of any great finance job is a strong, strategically minded, productive team. If your team can’t seem to right the course it may be time to transition out.

Opportunities Present Themselves

If opportunities continuously come knocking, take the time to answer the door. Any potential opportunity should be greeted with an open mind and good questions. Ask about your prospective company’s core values and daily business practices. You might find that a better fit is out there just waiting for you to jump in with both feet.

While there can be no doubt that changing roles can be stressful, it can also be a wonderful opportunity to reach your professional potential. If your job duties do not allow you to grow, your current team is mired in dysfunction and opportunities seem to continuously present themselves, it’s likely that a new finance job may be just what the doctor ordered.

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