How to Stand Out in Your Next Accounting Interview


Interviews can be nerve-racking. You want to connect to the employer, communicate with confidence and be the candidate of choice.

But you’re not sure how to stand out in your next accounting interview.

Never fear, we have your back. Here are three tips to help you cross the finish line first.

Company Knowledge

Researching your prospective employer in advance allows you to frame your answers in a more relevant way. Research allows you to connect your skill set to the company’s present situation. The more you know about the company’s core values, market and competitors, the more educated a conversation you can have. And that alone can set you apart.

Success Stories

Pour over the job description as if it contained the meaning of life. Draw parallels between what the prospective employer is looking for and your previous experience. Prepare success stories to illustrate how you’ve delivered positive outcomes, remembering to connect your examples back to the job description. The result: the employer can understand what value you bring to the table and how you might fit into the organization.

Know Your Resume

There’s nothing worse in an accounting interview then being asked a question about your resume and not knowing the answer. Remember that anything on your resume is fair game for discussion. This means that your resume must be an accurate reflection of your existing skill set. It also means that you need to know your resume inside and out, answer questions confidently regarding it and engage in a more free-flowing conversation about it, if that is your interviewer’s style.

While interviews are a necessary part of landing any job, they don’t have to be a nerve-racking ordeal. Research the company, know your resume and practice your success stories. By following these three tips you position yourself to stand out in your next accounting interview. We’d wish you good luck, but we don’t think you’re going to need it.