Technology’s Role in Hiring & HR

Technology’s Role in Hiring & HR

Technology has found its place in most aspects of the workplace, including areas that have traditionally been driven by humans. Human Resources Management is people focusing on employees and how to leverage them strategically to drive company success. Over the years, technology found its way into HR and has enabled HR departments to be more effective at recruiting, training and other key HR efforts.

HR and Digital Transformation: Technology in HR Management


The other day, I was talking to one of my clients’ HR Managers and I asked her how she was doing. She responded enthusiastically: ‘tech now allows my team to automate most of our administrative work and reduce requests from our employees, who can find solutions independently through the portal’.

This HR Manager and her employees can now focus on more significant business objectives in a strategic way. The moral of the story is that the manager and her colleagues felt like they were part of a modern company capable of providing innovative services, rather than part of a company that had stopped evolving a few decades ago.

As the HR Director at Microsoft Australia, Ingrid Jenkins, argues:

“Transformation is underpinned by a digital mindset that is a unique interplay of technology, people, and process, and technology can also be used to vastly improve HR processes for employees and managers, resulting in a snowball effect of positivity and paving the way for even greater digital transformation within a business”.

It is by adopting this view that we can seriously acknowledge and implement the transformative effect of tech in the HR environment in order to achieve successful results within a business.

Digitalisation = Productivity

By promoting the transformation and digitalisation of HR services, it is possible to understand how much tech can improve the workflow of the people within this sector and free up time that can be dedicated to core activities.

There is no doubt that the HR management portals represent an excellent digital tool that can greatly improve the employees’ experience and increase their involvement within the company. In fact, they include almost everything an employee may need: access to forms, manuals, pay slips, contract, and data. They can also file complaints, view the corporate calendar of events, and much more. Furthermore, with the ever-increasing diffusion of performance management, employees can also have the opportunity to consult their own evaluation sheets and give feedback.

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Technology’s Role in Executive Search

When it comes to high-risk decision-making, technology has definitely carved out its role and proved its value in the process. In many areas of a company, technology is used to deliver powerful insights and inform strategic decision-making, so why should the hiring process be any different?

Hiring for an executive-level role is a crucial decision, especially in growth companies. Executive search technology can be leveraged to help you find the best finance leader for your organization. Our proprietary hiring technology, Luma-Fi, can assess all qualified candidates and provide a detailed overview based on each candidate’s motivations, skills, relevant experience and fit score to predict their on-the-job success.

Learn more about how executive search predictive technology can help you discover the right leader for your executive role.


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