Tips for Accountants: How to Communicate Value in an Interview


Part of acing an interview is the ability to effectively communicate how you can add value to an organization.

You need to create buy-in on the part of your prospective employer without seeming to brag.

Here’s how to say, “I’m fantastic” without actually saying “I’m fantastic.”

Problem Solver
First and foremost view yourself as a problem solver. If you were hiring for this role, what would you look for? Research the company and determine any challenges that they are currently facing. Demonstrate that you can ramp up quickly by highlighting either your transferable skills, or your success at managing a similar problem. Remember to start by explaining the situation, the action that you took in response to it and the positive result you created. The person interviewing you now has a sense of what you could achieve in the role, and this makes them buy-in.

Business Partnering
Employers today are looking for people who can build business partnerships at all levels of the organization. This ability to foster cross-functional relationships helps drive communication between different parts of the organization and solidifies the finance team as a group that adds strategic input.

Business Acumen
Accountants and other finance professionals must demonstrate business acumen in an interview. Prospective employers want to hear about how you understood the connection between your daily deliverables and the company’s vision in your past roles. This ability to connect the dots demonstrates your business acumen and shows that you have a strategic mindset. Now you’re seen as someone who can grow with an organization or create buy-in if you are a manager – two things prospective employers want to see.

To communicate value in an interview, emphasize your ability to build business partnerships. Convey an understanding of the company’s overarching vision and demonstrate the connection between your past work experience and your future success with the organization. If you do so, it’s likely that you’ll be the candidate who gets to sign on the dotted line.