What Top Finance Talent Want at Work


Why do so many companies face a talent shortfall? And why is it that the talent pipeline sometimes runs in the wrong direction – out the company’s door?

Want to keep your top talent in the fold? Here’s how.

Keep Engagement Levels High
Check in with your top talent. Identify a mentor who can help guide your top performers and make sure to offer them opportunities to grow in their role and advance in the organization. Special projects, recognition for achievements (top talent likes to be recognized primarily through pay) and connecting their roles to the big picture can all serve to keep your top talent around.

Work/Life Balance
Does your top finance talent expect to work all hours during year end? Yes they do. But do they want to define their lives by their jobs? No they do not. This is particularly applicable to Millennials, who have grown up in a fast-paced, technologically-savvy world where being in the office from 9-5pm is not a pre-requisite for success. Consider flexible working hours, or a work-from home option if possible.

Company Culture
Broken record or not, a solid, supportive company culture that does not delegate the development of top performers to whoever is willing to do it, makes a difference. Top talent like transparency, a fair and honest playing field and a supportive team. They are likely going to work harder than everyone else (Harvard Business Review states that “high potentials put in 20% more effort than other employees in the same role”), so a company culture that rewards them accordingly is good business.

With top talent so integral to your company’s success story it makes sense to understand what will keep them around. Create opportunities for engagement and to develop their leadership potential. Have a supportive culture and reward them for their successes. After all, they’re the future of your organization.