Trend Report 2015: Accounting Jobs in Toronto


The accounting and finance industry is constantly evolving and changing. This makes it particularly important to stay on top of the various accounting job trends.

Here’s what you need to know to ensure you understand the current marketplace.

Trend 1: Certain Sectors are Hot
If you’re thinking of making a transition you’ll want to identify sectors that are experiencing growth. Technology companies, for example, are growing rapidly, augmenting their finance teams and hiring more experienced people who can help guide them in times of expansion. As well, in both the real estate and services sectors the demand for top talent continues unabated.

Trend 2: Wages are Competitive Across the Board
Companies will pay for top talent in order to secure exceptional performers. Make sure you understand your value in today’s marketplace before entering into any negotiation. Utilize websites such as to gain insight into the current salary expectations for your role.

Trend 3: More Passive Searches
We’re seeing an increasing number of passive job seekers in the marketplace. Passive job seekers refer to those individuals who would be willing to make a leap to the right position should it appear. They are not, however, actively putting out resumes, but may be in touch with their network or recruiter. This means that for the average job searcher landing a great role has become increasingly competitive. Make sure, therefore, to create a strong LinkedIn profile, build a relationship with a tenured recruiter and understand what it takes to have a first-class interview.

Whether you’re actively job searching, or considering making a transition it pays to stay abreast of current trends in the Toronto accounting and finance job market.