What Happens After You Submit Your Resume to a Finance Recruiter


You’ve applied to a job posting with what you feel is a first class finance resume. But you wonder if it’s like casting dimes down a wishing well.

What actually happens when you submit a resume to a finance recruiter? Read on to find out.



Step 1: The Database
Recruiters live and die by their databases. It naturally follows then that the first thing that happens once you push ‘send’ is that your finance resume is automatically put into a database.

Step 2: First Look
The recruiter, who is in charge of that particular job posting, is then sent a notification that someone has applied.  Your resume is then screened by at least one person where potential fit is evaluated. What does this mean? When recruiters connect with employers they are given a list of ‘must haves,’ constituting both hard and soft skills which are incorporated into the job description. Top finance and accounting recruitment firms in the GTA use a data driven approach to ensure that the best fit for the role is determined.

Step 3:  Reaching Out
Those candidates who seem to be a fit will then be contacted by the lead recruiter.  The recruiter will discuss if the candidate is still interested in the role and likely set up a face to face. As a side note, if you haven’t received a call in a week or two after applying, but feel strongly that the role matches your skills, it’s acceptable to reach out to the recruiter. Keep the email light. Explain why you think you are a fit and be specific. Don’t oversell your skill set. This can compromise the relationship with the recruiter going forward.  Even if you don’t hear from anyone, remember that your information is kept in the database ready for future opportunities.

Applying to a job posting can raise stress levels as you wait for someone to contact you. Know, however, that a process is in place and that even if things don’t go according to your plan, that a good resume still sets you up for future opportunities.

Your Next Step
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