3 Finance Interview Questions You Should Be Ready to Answer


To rock a finance interview you need to be able to communicate your strengths clearly and concisely. In order to do so, you need to think carefully about what you’re going to say before you walk in the door.

Specifically, it pays to prepare answers to the following three interview questions.

Question 1: Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

Employers want to see growth and progression in their candidates. Consider the role you’re applying for and the culture of the organization when you craft your answer. Your response needs to reflect strategic choices that develop your professional brand and career story.

Question 2: Why Do You Think You’re a Good Fit For This Role?

To answer this question well focus on the key things in your background that will allow you to ramp up quickly and start adding value sooner, rather than later. This is even more important if you don’t have the exact experience the employer is looking for. In this case, highlight transferable skills that are relevant to the position.

Question 3: Do You Have Any Questions?
A good interview is one that flows organically, where you can naturally integrate any questions you have. But what do you do when this doesn’t happen? Here’s the critical thing, don’t force an awkward question because you’ve prepared it. Questions that ask about deliverables at the three or six month mark, or that focus on a manager’s vision for the role are safe bets.

Accountants today need to be able to communicate effectively to drive the type of outcomes that are expected in their organization. This makes how you communicate in your interview particularly important. Prepare your answers in advance. Don’t memorize, but focus on the key ideas you want to communicate. Then go and rock it.