3 Indicators You Need to Hire an Accounting Contractor Now

There seems to be a fine line between what a team can handle and deliver on, and a workload that presses the “overload” button.

If the panicked cry, “All hands on deck,” is becoming a tiring refrain, it may be time to add staff.

In fact, if you note any of the following three indicators, it’s probably time to hire an accounting contractor.

Specialized Skill Set
It’s likely that your internal team is typically able to handle their day-to-day duties admirably. Sometimes, however, a task or project requires a specialized skill set. For example, perhaps you are implementing a new GL system. In a case such as this, it’s perfectly appropriate to hire an accounting contractor who has the expert knowledge you need to make the project a success.

When an employee leaves, a manager’s initial response may be to have his or her team absorb the additional work that results. While most people will rally to the cause initially, there is a genuine concern that the first departure can lead to others as people become overworked and dissatisfied. To prevent this snowball effect, hire an accounting contractor to offer relief. Who knows? He or she may prove to be exceptional and your next high-performing, permanent member of your team.

Large Project
If there is a large project on the horizon that will demand a lot of your finance team in addition to their traditional responsibilities, it may be time to add an accounting contractor to the mix. Another team member can expedite the process, and help your team continue to deliver exceptional results.

If an unexpected resignation occurs, a large project looms or you require specialized knowledge to complete an initiative, it may be time to hire an accounting contractor.