3 Interview Mistakes That Drive Great Finance Candidates Away


Candidates are always worried about a possible misstep during an interview. But many employers don’t realize it’s an audition for them too.

And with the competition for top talent so fierce in the GTA, it’s no wonder employers are starting to take a hard look at how they interview and what they could be doing differently.

Not Streamlining the Process
The last thing you want to do is lose your candidate of choice in the 11th hour because your process was too complex or lengthy. Remember, if top talent is interviewing with you, they likely have other firms ready to compete for their exceptional skill set. Consider having key decision makers on stand-by if a candidate impresses so you can fast track the process.

Monopolizing the Conversation
Ultimately great interviews are a two-way street. Strong finance candidates need to be able to ask questions about the company, team culture and position. If the interviewer dominates the conversation, he/she sets up a lose/lose situation where no one, including the company, has enough data to make an informed decision.

Being Unprepared
Research your candidate and prepare relevant questions based on their resume and LinkedIn profile. This will show the candidate that you’re invested in them and will also enable you to get the information you need to make the right choice.

To make a good impression during the interview, employers need to realize that they are being interviewed too. Streamline the process and prepare thoughtful, specific questions. Be ready to answer questions about the role and don’t monopolize the conversation. Conducting a great interview helps you sign top talent, and establishes the foundation for a positive working relationship.