5 Signs You Should Leave Your Accounting Job


When it comes to changing jobs, finding the impetus to let go can be almost impossible. Sometimes it’s because you genuinely like the people that you work with, or you’ve grown comfortable in your role. But comfort can lead to stagnation and treading water can be more dangerous than just taking a deep breath and swimming for all we’re worth. There are always signs when it’s time to transition.  Whether we pay attention to those signs or not, can define our personal and professional growth.

Here are five indications that you should leave your accounting job.

Significant Turnover

If people are leaving the company faster than rats off of a sinking ship it may be a sign that you should leave your accounting job. Significant turnover may indicate that the organization cannot keep its top people, which can signal an overall downward trend for the company. And if the company gets a reputation for not being able to retain its top talent, the likelihood of other high-performing candidates joining the organization are substantially less.

Change in Job Duties

If your job duties get changed to something that doesn’t help your professional progression it may be time to transition into a different accounting job. At the end of the day, you need job requirements that match your skill set, core values and an opportunity to grow your professional toolbox. If this isn’t happening it may be time to seek success elsewhere.

When the Learning Has Stopped

When the learning has stopped in your current role and this has gone on for a significant period of time in spite of your attempts to change it, it is likely time to move on. In part, your marketability depends on what you know and what you’ve done most recently. It also rests on your ability to stay current with accounting standards, practices and software. For the sake of your marketability, if you’re not learning, it may be time to look in a different direction.

For the sake of your marketability, if you’re not learning, it may be time to look in a different direction.

Dysfunctional Team

The foundation of any great accounting job is a strong, strategic and productive team. If the team can’t function well and there is no one setting the right course, it may be time to leave. The best accounting job is one that allows you to create success in a healthy, productive environment.

Opportunity Comes Knocking

If opportunity constantly comes knocking on your door take some time to explore it. The next step in your career evolution may be waiting for you. Always listen to what people have to say about potential opportunities, ask questions about the company’s core values and how they do business on a daily basis. You may find that there is another accounting job out there that is a much better fit, but if you don’t explore opportunities out of fear, you’ll never know.

Some people are able to see the signs that it’s time to leave their accounting job. If you are one of them and you have tried your best to improve the situation without results, it is likely time to start a search for a role that is more suited to you.

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