The Benefits of Working as an Accounting Contractor


Perhaps you’ve considered working as an accounting contractor before, but dismissed it as too risky for your career.

In reality, a finance or accounting contract role can come with a number of benefits, some of which can be a boon to your career down the road.

Financial Reward
Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Accounting contract work can be quite lucrative. Instead of health coverage or paid vacation, contract staff are offered a higher rate of compensation than permanent employees. And because billing is done by the hour, you’re paid for every single minute you’re on the job.

Contract work affords you the opportunity to enhance your network in a relatively short period of time. Not only will you connect with your team and direct report, you might also get face time with a CFO, controller or head of HR. Put another way, you have an opportunity to build relationships with decision-makers who can help you take the next step in your career.

Opens Doors to Other Industries
It can be quite difficult to gain access to an industry you’ve never worked in before. Hiring authorities typically want employees who understand the ins and outs of their industry. With a contract role, however, prospective employers are more willing to take a risk with an industry newbie, than they would be for a more permanent position. Who knows? If you drive results, the contract role could be a springboard to a more permanent opportunity.

Accounting contract work can be a way to grow your industry experience and business network, while earning considerably more than your permanently employed brethren. For the right personality, who flourishes in changing environments, a contract role can be the right choice.