Hiring Accountants? Ensure Candidate Experience is Top of Mind


In our work with top talent, one thing is clear to us – if you want to land them, you need to ensure that the hiring process is a positive experience.

Hiring accountants can be a challenging endeavour and securing exceptional candidates even more so.

Keep these 3 tips in mind to increase your chances of a successful outcome.

Prepare To Be Interviewed Yourself

Ensure that when you interview top talent you speak confidently about the company, job and growth potential in detail. Top performers need to see the role as a great opportunity with a company culture that is a fit for their values. With this in mind, do some research on your candidate in advance and be prepared to answer questions in a way that positions your brand as progressive. When you are hiring accountants, particularly all-stars, the interview must be a two-way street.

Ask Clear, Concise Questions

The type of questions you ask are critical when hiring accountants. Your questions must be relevant to the role and show that you understand the challenges inherent in the job. This makes the candidate feel that you will be a partner in solving any challenges that appear on the horizon.  The result: a much greater chance of landing your top candidate.

Accelerated Process

When you are hiring accountants, and particularly top talent, you need an accelerated interview process. Have the decision-makers on standby so that your candidate can connect with them immediately. This ensures that the candidate can move through the process rapidly, increasing buy-in. Remember, top talent has a lot of options and can disappear quickly if you don’t move on them.

If you are hiring exceptional performers, understand that the interview process is a two-way street. Ask clear questions that are relevant to the role and create an accelerated interview process. By ensuring the candidate’s experience is top of mind when you enter the hiring arena, you increase your odds of landing the person who could be a difference maker to your organization.