How to Avoid Burning Bridges During Your Accounting Job Search


The job search process can be exhausting. Perhaps you’ve sent out countless resumes, pored over LinkedIn company pages and attended several interviews with little success. Instead of getting frustrated, remember that you’re not just landing a job, you’re building a career. Burning a bridge, therefore, in a moment of frustration, does little to move you forward.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind during your accounting job search.

Build Relationships
Each contact you meet is an opportunity to build a relationship that could get you to your next opportunity. Just because you didn’t land a job, doesn’t mean that the same company may not have future opportunities. Keep in mind, as well, that employees move from company to company. Making a good impression, therefore, and staying gracious regardless of rejection, may just open the door with another organization.

Pro Tip: Send a thank you email to each person that you connect with. Reference something about the conversation to show that you were listening and engaged. Continue to build the relationship through LinkedIn to keep yourself front of mind.

It’s a Small World
The finance and accounting industry in the GTA is small. Burn a bridge with one person or company and you risk sabotaging your chances with another. On the other hand, if you make a good impression, perhaps that person will phone a colleague who could use someone with your skill set.

Professional Brand
Each interaction supports or undermines your professional brand. What are the major qualities that you’re trying to represent? Act accordingly, and remember that employers value employees who have grit and resilience, so don’t be defeated if you hear ‘no.’

Want to learn more about which traits employers take notice of? Watch this video.

Learning Opportunity
Don’t take rejection personally. What can you learn from each experience? If you didn’t land the job, ask if the interviewer could specifically tell you what areas could be improved on. The more you can understand about the process, the greater your chances of success the next time around. Always thank the interviewer for their time.

Remember that recruiting is a process. Your recruiter’s main job is to find the best possible fit between a candidate and an organization. Great recruiters are sources of job search tips, interview insights and market information. They are also a door to opportunities that might be inaccessible otherwise. It’s imperative, therefore, not to burn a bridge with a recruiter. Check in regularly (biweekly) to update your recruiter on your job search and continue to reinforce that you’re actively looking and interested in transitioning.

Here are a few resources to help you locate a great recruiter and build a positive relationship with him/her based on mutual respect and transparency:

Key Takeaways
Avoid burning bridges to maximize your chances of having a successful job search. Remember that each person you meet is a future connection. Don’t take rejection personally. Instead, try to learn from it. Use LinkedIn to continue to foster relationships with people that you meet. This will keep you front of mind for future opportunities. Build a relationship with a finance and accounting recruiter that is based on transparency and respect. Even if the process does not proceed at the pace you’d like it to, foster a positive professional image by keeping each interaction as constructive as possible. Ultimately, your patience will pay off and you’ll land the job that you want.

Your Next Step
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