How To Tell if a Finance Job is the Right Fit for You


An infographic published by Fast Company detailed the disturbing stats around employee turnover. A little less than a third of employees leave within the first six months on the job, with 81% of those who exit working at an entry or intermediate level position.

This creates a ‘food for thought’ moment.

If you’re considering taking on a new role what do you need to do to evaluate whether or not it’s the right fit?

Organizational Trends
Start by considering if the organization is trending in the right direction. Is it growing? If so, how – organically or by acquisition? Is there room for advancement? If it’s a public company take a look at their financials. If it’s a private company conduct some research on the website, or try to connect with past employees of the organization on LinkedIn. You want to be part of a growth story as opposed to a company that is in decline.

Assess the Role
Does the role align with your career goals? Will it offer you the learning you need to grow your technical and leadership skills? You want a position that moves you forward, makes you more marketable and offers a chance for growth.

Evaluate how effective your future manager might be. You want someone who can be a coach and mentor. Most importantly, you need to be able to buy into their vision and your role in helping to achieve it. At the end of your interview ask your future manager to describe their vision for the role. Then determine if their vision is a fit for your values and how you like to work.

While there is no such thing as a perfect role, it pays to assess whether or not the company is heading in the right direction. Talk to your future manager. Ask them what success looks like at the six month or one year mark for the role. Make sure that the position offers you an opportunity to meet your career goals and that your manager will be an asset in that process. This will give you the feedback you need to make an informed choice.