How to Identify a Strong Communicator in Your Next Accounting Interview


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When it comes to hiring, we know the importance of finding a candidate who is a strong communicator.

Results from our initial Clarity Lab research suggests finance leaders agree. Accountants today need to be able to convey technical financial information to their non-financial peers. They also need to build positive business partnerships. But what are the qualities that define superior communication skills and how do we unearth them during accounting interviews? Read on to find out.

Accounting Interviews Tip #1: Complex Information

Strong communicators can convey complex information in a way that makes sense to different stakeholders. Ask your prospective employee to relate a time when he/she had to convey unpopular or complex information to another department. Watch if your candidate recognizes the importance of customizing the message to create understanding and buy-in. If so, you may have a great communicator on your hands.

Accounting Interviews Tip #2: Business Partnerships

In today’s accounting interviews, it is imperative to determine if your candidates prioritize the importance of building business partnerships both inside and outside your organization. Ask them to define their working style. Look for words such as “collaborative” and for indications that they see the importance of connecting with other managers and departments. Ultimately, for many accountants to do their job effectively, they need to have positive, cross-functional relationships.

When conducting an accounting interview ensure your candidate is an effective communicator. Ask questions that allow you to see their ability to customize a message and build business partnerships. After all, in today’s business world, an accountant who can communicate effectively is a particularly strong asset.

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