Tips from Toronto Recruiters: LinkedIn Groups


LinkedIn groups can be a great way to build your professional brand and source your next finance or accounting job opportunity.  Since group participants get 4 times more profile views than those who do not participate, understanding how best to promote yourself using LinkedIn groups can be of great benefit.  Here are a few tips to help you stand out.

How to Select a Group
First and foremost, let’s talk about how to select a group.  To join a group, go to the search bar at the top of the home page, click on the hamburger icon and select ‘groups’ from the dropdown menu.  Type in your subject e.g. accounting and then hit ‘enter’ or click on the magnifying glass icon.  A number of groups will appear.

How do you choose a group?

  • Look for groups where a number of members may already be connections – this will help with networking
  • Select active groups – ones with recent discussions
  • Avoid groups with few members
  • Once you’ve found a group that looks good, click the “join button.” While you can join some groups easily, other groups will prefer to review your profile first. It may take a few days before you hear from them.

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Observe First
Before you dive into any LinkedIn group make sure to observe the ebb and flow of the conversations first.  What are people posting about?  What are their pain points?  Where could you add value?  You want to understand the lay of the land before you jump in.

Ask Good Questions
Start discussions that address an upcoming challenge in your industry, or a long-standing pain point.  If you choose to participate in an existing discussion, read each person’s response first before posting your own.  You don’t want to repeat anyone’s content.  As a side note, once you’ve been a member of a group for 4 days you can send 15 free InMails a month to help build your network and connect with people individually.

Tip:  Looking for a group to join?  Consider Accounting and Finance Professionals (AAFP).

Operate from a Posture of Service
Remember, you’re not the only expert in the “room.”  Make sure that your answers to questions are helpful and informative.  Don’t brag.  Let people get invested in you through the discussions that you start, or the answers that you contribute to other discussions.  They’ll find their way to your profile.  Your accomplishments can then speak for themselves.

Start a Group
There are a number of advantages to starting a LinkedIn group:

  • Positions you as a thought leader
  • Builds your network – LinkedIn group owners have more connections than the average LinkedIn user
  • Opens the door to more job leads and opportunities
  • Allows you to send a weekly message to all members
  • Owners of groups can send unlimited InMails to members

One caveat:  Only start a group if you feel it would have great relevance to the community you hope to benefit.  If someone does contribute something of value to your group, make sure to thank them.  Understand, as well, that there will be an increase in your workload as you monitor your group’s discussions.

Resource:  For more tips on how to start a LinkedIn group (and why it’s a good idea), read “Top 10 Reasons to Start a LinkedIn Group.”

Key Takeaways
There are a number of ways to leverage the power of LinkedIn groups.  Join groups that are active, with people that you’re connected to already.  Start discussions that show thought leadership.  Participate in existing discussions from a posture of service and respect for other people’s points of views.  Consider starting a group to build your network and open the door to more opportunities.  LinkedIn groups can be a great way to build your professional brand.  As such, they are definitely worth investing in.

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