Top 5 Errors to Avoid When Conducting a Finance Job Interview


Hiring well can be an arduous process. Typically, you need to find a quality person quickly.

But tight timelines can lead to poor decision-making. When it comes to conducting a finance job interview there are five errors that you want to avoid.

Error #1: Not Conducting an Internal Assessment

Conducting an internal assessment of the role and its requirements results in a clear list of “must haves,” saving you time when it comes to selecting a candidate.

Error #2: Not Creating a Scorecard

When you conduct a finance job interview you can streamline the process by creating a scorecard that allows you and your interview team to compare candidates across a variety of factors. This reduces the time it takes to come to a consensus by increasing the objectivity of the decision-makers involved.

Error #3: Using Your Gut

We all want to work with people we like, but during a finance job interview focusing on likability can shift attention away from what really matters – the requirements of the role.

Error #4: Emphasizing Only Technical Skill

By focusing only on technical skill, you can lose sight of other important traits such as integrity, creativity, time management and a commitment to building successful business partnerships.

Error #5: Not Streamlining the Interview Process

If candidates impress in their initial interview ensure that you have the key stakeholders on standby to meet them. This compresses the interview process, increases your chances of landing top talent and encourages buy-in from those who stand the most to gain or lose from the hiring decision.

If you are conducting a finance interview, avoid the five errors listed above to improve your chances of recruiting and landing top talent.