Top Tools and Productivity Software for 2020 for Talent Acquisition

Top Tools and Productivity Software for 2020 for Talent Acquisition

Your typical recruiter in 2020 serves many functions – coaching candidates on their roles, speaking to clients to gather requirements and engaging on social media to fill in their top-funnel. 

The second you sit in your chair in the morning, you have targets to hit and people to call. There is, however, only so much time in the day and we all wish we had more. Though we can’t tell you how to recruit more time into your day, we can suggest some productivity software that might make you more efficient at your job. 


As social media becomes more pervasive, professionals from every industry are finding a necessity to have a presence on these platforms. Recruitment is no different. There has never been a better way to speak to and attract quality candidates, however, this can mean additional pressures on your time. 

An absolute essential in any recruiter’s arsenal is LinkedIn. This is where most professionals are hanging out these days and it’s where a lot of connections are being made. More jobs are being filled through LinkedIn which means the more presence you have there the more likely it is for you to find qualified candidates. Using LinkedIn alone will help you save time since this is where most qualified candidates are.

Personalized video

The days of cold-calling and email blasts are over. You have to be able to provide relevant information to your candidates to make sure they gain value. You can’t send the same job to ten people and hope a fraction of them respond. Instead, we recommend you try personalization for your message. 

Doing so in the form of a video shows the candidate you took the time to reach out and cater to their specific needs. It also doesn’t take too long to do. Take the camera in your pocket, stick it on a tripod, angle a light towards your face, plug in a microphone and simply start talking. You don’t have to be eloquent – you simply need to provide value. Though you can send out quick videos without software, we find using a platform like to organize and manage the process helps. 


Once you have followers on your socials, one of the essentials is to provide a regular stream of content that appeals to your audience. One of the most difficult things to do for people is to find time to share content especially if your days are short and time is of a premium. Using a tool like Buffer which lets you schedule your posts in advance is a technique that helps. Whenever you have a chunk of time to spare – for example, a quiet Friday afternoon. Take a few minutes to schedule your posts for the next week. You’ll be glad you did.


The value you provide as a recruiter is understanding your candidate as it pertains to the job. Some recruiters are so good at doing this that they can rely on gut instinct and experience. However, for most, you need tools to be able to do this. Sorry for being biased, but Luma-Fi is Clarity’s proprietary tool which helps us asses fit for the role. Having access to tools like this immensely valuable and can save both you, the company and the candidate lots of time in the long run. 

Interview scheduling 

If you frequently have to schedule appointments in your calendar, you know what a pain getting calendars in check can be. Fortunately, a tool called Calendly can help. Calendly syncs with your calendar (either Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook or iCalendar) and lets you share that with your contacts or embed it on your profile. 


When you’re receiving hundreds of applications from candidates every week, you need some way to keep track of the process. Bullhorn Staffing and Recruiting earned PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice award for dedicated applicant tracking systems and we believe it deserves the accolades. 

If you work with a few people and require a lightweight project management software, is your best bet. At Clarity, we use for everything from editorial calendar scheduling to project planning. If you’re a recruiter, the platform can be used to monitor your objectives and see if you’re hitting your targets. The new apps can be further customized to meet your exact workflow. 


A little background noise goes a long way when you’re working from home or working in an environment where conversations are audible and distracting. Coffitivity livens up your environment with the soothing sounds of a coffee shop. It’s great for when you want to get some work done and just need to dive in for thirty minutes.

An absolute essential in any recruiters’ arsenal is New videos are posted at noon every day and the content ranges widely. Chances are there are videos on the areas you’re recruiting for so you can brush up on concepts and terminology before jumping on the phone with a client or a candidate. If you’re in the Toronto area, make sure you utilize the free subscription to from the Toronto Public Library.

While there are many tools out there to help you with talent acquisition, these are the critical ones you need to excel beyond. What tools do you use to improve productivity and streamline your process? Let us know in the comments.


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