3 Places Top Finance Talent Look for Jobs


As specialized recruiters in the finance and accounting industry, we are regularly contacted by HR, finance managers and CFOs all looking to add an all-star to their team.

They believe, and rightly so, that top finance talent can drive a disproportionate amount of the bottom line.

But in order to bring exceptional finance talent on board, you need to know where to find them. Here are three places that great talent go to find jobs.


If you ask top performers how they landed their most recent role, they would likely site a former co-worker or manager as being integral to their transition. With their strong network, great finance talent usually has their new role come to them.

Accounting Body Website

It is rare to find an elite level employee on a traditional job website.  A better approach: post your job on the website of the relevant accounting body.  And while top talent uses their network first and foremost, it is not unusual for them to explore this option for their next job.

Specialized Recruiter

In order to expedite their job search, high performers will often connect with a specialized recruiter. Recruiters in the finance and accounting industry make it their business to build relationships with top talent and quality employers. For a company looking to add all-stars, connecting with a specialized recruiting agency can open doors to landing them.

Successful finance people have three specific ways they use to secure their next role. They look at the job postings on their respective accounting body’s website, leverage their network and often connect with a specialized recruiter to expedite their search. If you want to bring great people on board, consider using these three approaches.