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Hiring your first HR leader can be daunting. Your company needs talent acquisition support, but also somebody with generalist experience who knows how to implement systems and processes that enable growth. At Clarity, we specialize in helping scale-ups find HR and Talent Leaders who thrive in high-growth environments and have the tools to help them excel in their new role.

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How do you define culture? Culture is more than just a company’s values, mission, and activities like free lunches and celebrations.

Clarity’s technology was built to help measure implicit beliefs, behaviours, and motivations of candidates to assess cultural alignment. 

Built-in collaboration with behavioural scientists, our technology is designed to help reduce bias in the hiring process and help your team have better conversations about culture.

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Whether you’re looking for a seasoned executive, need to build a team, or fill an urgent gap – we got you. Our recruitment team continually finds amazing candidates using our structured process and technology, specially designed to simplify decision-making. Our technology reduces bias in hiring and reveals candidates that are guaranteed to thrive in your organization.

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