3 Technical Skills Every Accountant Must Master


As your accounting career progresses, so too does your skill set.

Ideally, you would complement this natural evolution with some additional professional development. Employers today are looking for candidates who possess some very specific competencies. In fact, there are 3 technical skills every accountant must master if they want to advance their accounting career.

Cross-Functional Capability

Accountants today are often called upon to provide strategic insight and advice to other departments across the company. What does this mean for you? It means that brushing up on your communication skills and conveying information effectively to your non-financial peers could add a shine to your star. It also means that you need the technical know-how to see the big picture of your company’s vision.  The ability to perceive your organization’s working parts and how they function together, could help you offer timely and relevant advice on strategic direction.

System Savviness

Here’s the deal: employers want an accountant who has system savviness. Whether it’s home run Excel skills, or competency on the organization’s ERP system, you need to be able to work quickly and accurately in providing data on demand. And whether you’re an Excel rock star or roadie, there’s always room for growth.

Accuracy – Know Your Debits From Credits

As an accountant you need to be accurate. After all, small errors can compound over time and manifest as costly mistakes. Know your CICA Handbook and stay on top of new accounting standards and practices. By staying current and relevant in your industry you increase your value to your employer, positioning you for a promotion when the time comes.

While this is by no means a comprehensive list, an accountant who displays system savviness and cross-functional capability is valued by their employer. Couple this with a willingness to stay current and you have a recipe for success.