3 Things Your Finance Recruiter Needs to Know


It might seem relatively straightforward. Connect with a finance recruiter, let them know your goals and then step back and watch the magic.

But there are certainly things you can share with your recruiter that can facilitate success, particularly if you’re actively searching for a position and ready to make a move.


Outlining any options currently on the table helps your recruiter understand your timeline. For example, are you about to do a first round of interviews with two different companies? Are you open to different kinds of opportunities? Essentially, your recruiter needs to understand if there are any other irons in the fire.

Core Motivation
Explain to your recruiter what’s truly motivating you to transition. Perhaps you’re not mentally engaged by your current role, or the money is lacking. Getting to your own core motivation may require some self-reflection, but it’s time well spent. It will help you to understand what is driving your desire to change roles and will ensure that you don’t get yourself into the same situation again.

Counter Offer
If a recruiter finds a role that ticks all of your boxes, and you land the position, is your company likely to present a counter offer? What are the chances that you will take it? Your finance recruiter needs to understand how deeply your attachment to your company runs in order to determine what course of action to pursue.

Partnering with a tenured finance and accounting recruiter in the GTA can certainly open doors to your next opportunity. It’s important, however, to understand the significance of communicating effectively. Explain honestly what your core motivation is for changing roles. Detail where you are in the job search process and reflect on whether you would take a counter offer if one was presented. The more information your recruiter has, the more effective he/she can be and that means a win for everyone.