3 Ways to Be More Memorable in Your Accounting Interview


How do you differentiate yourself in an accounting interview so that you stand out from the competition?

Wear a fancy tie? Nope. End the interview with a flourish and a “ta da?” Not so much.

Instead, if you want to make a great impression try these 3 things.

Plan Your Peaks
Identify one or two places where you can emphasize accomplishments. For example, if you were a Controller you might speak about the time you led a system implementation or process improvements. Tie an accomplishment to a specific, measureable result for full effect. Essentially, you are communicating your differentiators in a way that is relevant to the listener.

Focus on Skills
While it is important to build rapport, it’s even more important to lead with your skills and how they made an impact. Focus on technical proficiency and outline responsibilities that you held, leadership roles you took on and how you delivered for your team and organization.

Close Yourself
The number one mistake job seekers make time and time again is that they don’t ask for the job at the end of the interview. Reiterate your interest. Let the interviewer know that you are excited about the position and the company and ask for the role. For example, “If it didn’t come across in the interview I am very interested in the role and I look forward to hearing about the next steps.”

If you want to stand out in an interview, plan your peaks. Link your accomplishments to positive results for the company. Focus on your skills and make sure to close the interview by emphasizing your interest in the role. All of this will make you more memorable and improve the odds that you’ll be the one who lands the position.