3 Ways to Keep Your Finance Team Happy


It’s not rocket science. A large part of keeping a team productive is, quite frankly, keeping them in the first place. Turnover can wreak havoc with a team’s ability to deliver as new people require a certain amount of ramp up time, while existing team members shoulder an increasingly heavy load.

So what can you do to keep your finance team ticking along? Read on to find out.

Cast Appropriately
High performers, (or good soldiers) will do what you ask them to do – that’s how they’re built – but will they stay if they’re consistently doing something that doesn’t feed their professional fire? Probably not. Check in with each member of your team. Ensure that they feel that their role makes sense for their skill set and professional goals. If not, then try to understand why and make adjustments if possible.

Big Picture
Connect what each individual is doing to the company’s big picture. Employees who feel that what they do matters, buy-in to the organization’s vision and work hard to achieve it.

When we talk to candidates in our role as finance and accounting recruiters the idea of a manager or company investing in them is often identified as a reason they would stay in a role. Investing in an employee takes on different forms. It could be money for professional development, or a structured mentorship program. It could be a manager who keeps an open door policy, gives his/her employees autonomy, but is genuinely there as a safety net if they should need it. Regardless, companies who invest in their employees are much more likely to gain their loyalty in the long term than those that don’t.

If you want to retain your staff, it’s important to connect what they do to the big picture, while investing in their growth. After all, no matter what your business is, your employees are the heart of it. Keeping them happy means that your chances of experiencing success as an organization are greatly increased.