5 Qualities of High Performance Accountants: Part 1


Much like high-performance cars, high-performance accountants share many of the same traits.

The fuel for their engine is their ability to meet aggressive deadlines, while still maintaining a high level of accuracy.

They are team-oriented, committed to continuous improvement and possess a strong ethical core.

Fundamentally, high-performance accountants are the type of employees that drive a disproportionate amount of a company’s bottom line.You want them on board.

Today, we’ll explore some of the five qualities shared by high performing accountants.


The best accountants consistently meet deadlines. Whether it’s working individually, or as a critical component of a team, high-performance accountants understand that the world of finance is a deadline driven world.


Successful accountants are committed to maximizing results, while still maintaining their attention to detail. The best accountants understand that accuracy is the foundation of any successful report or analysis and they know that small errors, compounded over time, can be exceptionally costly.


Top performing accountants have a strong ethical core. They respect their profession’s guidelines, operate carefully in the narrow band of grey afforded to them and never misrepresent the numbers. At the end of the day, the best accountants realize that the company is depending on them to provide a valid financial picture in order to make sound strategic decisions.

The most successful accountants marry a strong ethical core with an unwavering accuracy. They are deadline driven, prioritize effectively and consistently meet expectations. Ultimately, they are difference makers.

Watch for part two of “5 Qualities of High Performance Accountants” tomorrow.

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