5 Reasons to Quit Your Finance Job in 2015


Leave a job for more money? Maybe. Transition out of a role because you need a change? Perhaps. But a higher salary and a different set of walls may not be what you really need. You could be trading one set of challenges for another set of problems. And while none of us read tea leaves or have a crystal ball, there are a few reasons why you might want to quit your finance job in 2015.

What Vision?
If you don’t feel that your work matters or that the company’s vision is worthwhile, there may be a cultural or core value disconnect. If this is the case, and a different role within the organization won’t fix the issue, then it might be time to transition out.

Poor Management
We’ve all had them – poor managers. And whether it’s their painful communication style or inability to see the forest for the trees, an ineffective manager can spell trouble for a team and your career. It may be time to move on.

Your Co-Workers
According to Gallup, one of the top 5 reasons employees leave their jobs is the perception that their co-workers are not dedicated to quality. If you feel like you’re carrying a disproportionate amount of the workload, with no reprieve or compensation in sight, perhaps there’s a team that can make better use of your skill set.

The Growth Has Stopped
For most of us, there needs to be an opportunity to learn in our jobs. Otherwise boredom and dissatisfaction can set in. If you’ve indicated to your employer that you would love an opportunity to grow your skill set and there’s been no action, it might be time to update your resume.

No Chance to Advance
A role with no chance for advancement can be the death knell for a job. If you feel that there is no opportunity to move your career forward in a way that makes sense for you, that’s a reason to start looking.

Everyone has bad days on the job, but if you feel the learning has stopped, you’re dealing with a dysfunctional team or manager, or there’s no change to advance, it’s likely time to move on.