5 Skills You Need to Be an Accountant


With the competitive nature of the accounting and finance job market in Toronto, prospective employers can afford to be selective when it comes to identifying and recruiting quality talent.

There are some very specific skills, both hard and soft, that an accountant needs to be successful.

Excel Skills

No doubt about it, if you’re an accountant, you’re going to be using Excel. And while there are significant differences between an intermediate accountant’s aptitude with the program and an advanced accountant’s savvy with it, if you are not proficient with Excel, then it is time to consider taking some additional courses to enhance your skill set.

Business Partnerships

As an accountant, your proficiency with numbers will be valued, but it is your ability to build business partnerships, both internal and external, that will define your success.

Time Management

In the deadline driven world of finance, your ability to balance competing priorities without compromising accuracy and blowing deadlines is critical to excelling in your role.

Process Improvement

Successful accountants are proactive and forward thinking, constantly trying to determine ways to drive value for their organization. This includes looking at existing processes and recommending improvements to enhance their efficiency.

Adaptive Learning

In an industry that is constantly evolving and changing, good accountants are gifted at learning and applying new information. Whether it’s shifting government legislation, or new accounting standards and practices, quality accountants stay on top of any changes that might affect their company or clients.

Accountants who possess the five skills above are viewed as true assets by prospective employers – people who can add value to their organization and help the company meet its objectives.

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