5 Things to Think About Before You Hire a Finance Recruiter


You’ve decided to hire a recruiter who specializes in the finance and accounting space. That’s a good first step, as recruiters with specialized knowledge will have a deeper understanding of what’s needed to succeed in a given role. They’ll also have a broader base of finance and accounting candidates to choose from. This means that going the specialist route is a good start to finding a quality hire. 

There are, however, a few more things to consider before you choose a finance recruiter.

Track Record
Most firms will tell you that they have a tenured team. But what does that actually mean? Look for a proven track record of hiring the kind of staff that you want. Ask the recruiter what industries they specialize in. Do they have expertise in media, tech or entertainment for example? Also inquire about the positions that they recently filled. Are they placing more junior staff, or do they typically help hire for senior management positions?

What is it about the recruiting firm’s process that differentiates it in the marketplace? If your recruiter can’t give you specific information about what makes their process unique, than it’s time to look in another direction. Do they have a proprietary technology or culture that adds true value to the hiring process? If so, then they should be able to list the benefits and advantages that such technology or culture offers.

How much access can you give your recruiting firm? The best results often come when the recruiting company has access to the line manager, not just HR. Ultimately, you want to leverage a recruiter for their network, so ensure that they can access the key stakeholders in the recruiting process to maximize their chances for success. 

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You hire a recruiter in part because they have knowledge that you may not have. Whether it’s about the marketplace, salary expectations, or helping you divide your wish list into “must haves” and “nice to haves,” your recruiter should be a guide in the hiring process. 

Similarly, they should be willing to learn from you. Look for recruiters that listen more than speak, and who ask questions designed to help them understand your industry, company and needs. Recruiting firms who invest time and energy in educating their staff often go the extra mile to ensure that you understand the “why” behind specific decisions. So look for agencies who emphasize a learning culture.

What is the firm’s fee structure? What kind of a guarantee do they offer? A recruiting firm who believes in their process will stand behind their work.

Key Takeaways
Take time before you bring a recruiting agency on board to carefully understand what makes that firm unique. Ask questions to determine what their process looks like and what kind of value they can bring to the hiring experience. Do they invest in their staff and have a culture of learning? If so, it’s likely their recruiters have a greater understanding of marketplace conditions, how top talent makes decisions and how to work with you as a true business partner. Look for recruitment agencies that stand behind their work with a comprehensive guarantee. Ultimately, by investing some energy at the start of the process, you enhance the likelihood of bringing a quality recruiting agency into the fold, and landing the kind of talent that you’re looking for.

Your Next Step
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