Behind the Numbers with Alex Cohen – VP of Finance, TREC Brands

In this Episode

In this episode of Behind the Numbers, we sit down to talk to Alex Cohen, CPA, CA, the VP of Finance at TREC Brands about his journey to become the Head of finance, where he sees the cannabis industry going and more.

Episode Guide:

00:06 – Introduction

00:18 – What led you to become the VP of Finance?

00:54 – How are some organizations successful, while others are not?

03:29 – Where do you see the industry going?

04:23 – Being the head of finance of a startup, what was that like?

06:03 – What sort of roles have you taken on being a part of a high-growth startup?

07:35 – What was your biggest challenge when you started at TREC Brands?

09:32 – Conclusion

About Behind the Numbers

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