Behind the Numbers with Judy Kudla CA, CPA, CIA

In this Episode

Judy Kudla CA, CPA, CIA is an experienced risk & internal audit leader and a strategic problem solver with experience at AIG, Amex, Oracle, and PwC Canada. In this episode Judy shares:

  • Evaluating capabilities when considering someone for an opportunity
  • Audit as a career from the client-side
  • Skills that separate extraordinary individuals, from good ones.


00:52 – Within governance risk and compliance space, how do organizations structure themselves as they grow?
03:45 – Dealing with growing companies and incorporating the right person for the job.
07:55 – As we move into the governance risk and control space, what are the recruiting considerations? What should we be thinking about to be more effective?
11:20 – What advice can you give when evaluating someone’s capabilities when being considered for opportunities.
14:55 – What are the skills that separate extraordinary individuals from the good ones?
17:00 – The confidence needed, intellectual curiosity, knowing the drivers of a business, conceptualizing risks effectively.
20:34 – Audit as a career from the candidate side.
23:24 – Interacting with groups in the governance and risk sector
24:44 – Difficult engagements that resulted in a rewarding experience
26:25 – Build or tune an operation, hire versus performer

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