Bringing Clarity to Vancouver


Clarity Recruitment has officially opened for business in Vancouver. Our mission: to offer a behavioral-based, technology-driven approach that connects high-performing accounting and finance talent with Vancouver’s leading growth industries.

But it’s not just a matchmaking game. We are committed to placing careers, not just jobs, and to finding difference makers for our clients and candidates in Vancouver. We do it all with purpose, an unwavering tenacity, and a genuine desire to build success in others. Whether you’re thinking about changing roles or hiring a new employee, we can help.

With six years of disrupting the recruitment industry in Toronto, Clarity has a proven track record of pushing the industry forward through research and development and technological innovation. As our president, Joe Diubaldo said, “The recruitment industry has been without meaningful innovation for too long, and needs to adapt constantly to ensure we provide value. It is time for the industry to adopt new tools for delivering the best talent available for each job.”

That’s the impetus of Clarity: we are committed to rising above through constant innovation and adaptation. Clarity’s proprietary technology, Luma-Fi™, examines the compatibility of a candidate based on technical and cultural alignment. Our recruiters are empowered with technology that allows them to go deeper into the candidate’s fit with any particular role; clients are given an easy-to-read report that summarizes the candidate at a glance; both parties feel more comfortable with the hiring decision. The result: industry-leading placement success rates for both permanent and contract roles.

Joe explains it best: “Luma-Fi visually connects the best candidate to each client’s specific needs, allowing hiring managers to act quickly and make the right decision for their open position. In the end, you can’t ask clients to make quick decisions without great data. With Luma-Fi, we give them that information.”

But talk is cheap, right? Right. That’s why we stand behind our technology and unique hiring process with a 12 month guarantee for clients who exclusively engage the firm. We’re not afraid to put our money where our mouth is, so to speak.

It’s not hard to be confident in our results. In addition to Luma-Fi, Clarity has a R&D arm called Clarity Labs™ that continually researches human behaviour and hiring psychology. Led by a behavioural psychologist, Clarity Labs’ findings are used to educate our clients and candidates through insight-driven resources, blogs, proprietary technology, and a unique recruitment processes. Clarity spends 30 per cent of its operating budget on research and development, making us a leading finance and accounting firm that understands what drives successful career outcomes.

We’re here, Vancouver. We’ve got big ideas and motivation to match. Our story on the West Coast is just beginning; where do you fit in?

Finding the perfect job or top talent  doesn’t need to be daunting. Clarity Recruitment pairs cutting-edge technology with a genuine commitment to our clients’ success. Set yourself on the path to success with a winning hire or placement; contact us for your free consultation.

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