Career Planning Tips from Accounting Recruiters


How does that famous saying go again?  Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.  If this is the case, it would pay to do some advance career planning.  In fact, as accounting recruiters, we feel that what differentiates the highly successful individual from those who don’t achieve their career outcomes, is a willingness to set goals, develop a plan to achieve them, and then be adaptable if things go sideways.

Here are some tips from accounting recruiters to help you get the career that you want.

Establish an Overall Career Goal
Identify where you would ultimately like to end up in your career.  Even if it’s something like, “I want to be a director of finance for a tech company” you are at least establishing a goal that you can plan to work towards.  After all, if you don’t know where you want to end up, how can you plan to get there?

Map Out the Steps

  • Establish career goals for the 1, 3 and 5 year mark.
  • Ensure that the goals are reasonable, measurable and that there is some level of accountability attached to them.
  • For example, perhaps a one-year goal is to identify and build a relationship with a mentor, a 3 year goal might be to take the lead on an initiative or project and a 5 year goal could be to land a role as an accounting manager.
  • Identify three things you need to do to achieve each goal.  Do you need to build relationships with key senior leaders?  Do you need to take some professional development courses? The answers to these questions are critical in moving your career forward.

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Get a Mentor
There’s no doubt that the power of a mentor can help individuals meet their career expectations.  A mentor is a sounding board, a resource and an advocate.  Select a mentor whose experience and skill set can help you grow.  Ideally, your mentor should work within your organization as they will have specific relationships and knowledge that can be of particular use.  Remember, however, that mentorship is a two-way street.  You need to be willing to give back to the mentoring relationship in order for it to flourish.

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Key Takeaways
As accounting recruiters we know that success is three parts planning (and hard work) and one part adaptability.  Set an ultimate career goal and some milestones to achieve it.  Carefully develop your professional brand.  Connect with a mentor.  This way when preparation meets opportunity you’ll be ready to capitalize and have the career that you need.

Your Next Step
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