Clarity Joins the B Corp Movement


It’s funny sometimes how a single event can be transformative.  At Clarity Recruitment we have always believed in doing business in a different way.

From its inception, the team came together as collaborative innovators determined to hold ourselves accountable to a higher standard.  We have core values forged in the spirit of social responsibility.  We connect to and invest in our community.  We believe in careers, not just jobs.

And then we saw the founder of Myplanet Digital speak.

B Corp

Jason Cottrel, founder of Myplanet Digital, spoke about B Corp, a community of like-minded businesses who “competed to not only be the best in the world, but the best for the world.”

B Corp businesses meet higher standards of social and environmental transparency and performance.

The more Jason spoke, the more inspired we became. Everything he said resonated with us.  We decided right then and there that we would become a certified B Corporation.

Eight months later, after a lot of hard work and B Corp scrutiny, we signed The Declaration of Interdependence, B Corp’s contract committing us to being better.


As the founder of Clarity Recruitment, this was one of my proudest moments. Becoming a certified B Corp means that we define success differently and that we’re willing to be held accountable by a worldwide community of over 900 like-minded businesses.  We’re the first accounting and finance recruiting company in Canada to receive this designation and we’re excited to share it with you.

3 Key Ways That We Live B Corp

Our Core Values

  • Our core values are a part of our DNA
  • They guide how we do business and how we work as a team
  • Values such as: a|) Above all else be human and b) Help others realize their success, reflect our commitment to working in a way that prioritizes social and community responsibility

Our Team

  • We believe that leadership comes from everyone
  • We’ve built a team that aligns with our core values
  • We strive to teach and empower the people we partner with through research and innovation
  • We want to be better and believe that our clients, candidates and community have much to teach us
  • We have an advisory board comprised of exceptional business leaders who guide us on issues around governance and growth

Our Social Engagement

  • To us social responsibility means many things including philanthropy, community service and volunteerism
  • We work closely with Free the Children, providing financial support for several initiatives. We’ve even volunteered at We Day for the past 3 years
  • We also support Free the Children by offering advice designed to support their internal HR team, increase their capacity and improve their operations
  • At a local level, our team supports the community through activities like the food drive we did last Christmas for the Mississauga Food Bank

We are committed to continuous improvement. We strive every day to be true partners. Ultimately, our B Corp certification is our statement to everyone that we are holding ourselves accountable to a higher standard. We believe in the way we do business and we hope you do too.


Joe Diubaldo

President and CEO, Clarity Recruitment

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