Crash and Burn – 2 Things to Avoid In An Accounting Interview


By Russell Axford

Russell Axford, Senior Client Partner at Clarity Recruitment, shares his insights on accounting and finance career growth and development. Connect with Russ on LinkedIn.

Let’s face it, not everyone is as smooth as Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love. When it comes to interviewing, there are certain behaviours you must avoid to ensure you stay in the game.

And while channelling your inner-Gosling may help, always avoid these two no-nos to ensure you don’t crash and burn in your next accounting interview.

Inappropriate Language

In an interview, you want to be precise and to the point. This means trying not to ramble or go off topic. If you do, you not only risk losing your audience’s attention but you also risk saying something you shouldn’t. Filling silence with unnecessary commentary about your day or rants about a previous employer will only reflect negatively on you.

You also should try your hardest to avoid fillers in the flow of your speech. Lose the “ums,” “likes,” “you-knows,” or any other verbal crutches. They only make you sound unsure of yourself and invite your interviewee to question your confidence and abilities.

Getting Too Comfortable

Leave the bar talk at the bar. An interview is your chance to bring your A game. While you want to show your personality, you can quickly cross the line into dangerous territory by talking about your last trip to Vegas or the lack of sleep you got last night.

When it comes to body language, always refrain from slouching in your chair. While you want to show your confidence and ease, you don’t want to appear cocky or indifferent. Sit up straight, lean in and keep your arms uncrossed.

At the end of the day, an interview is your chance to bring your best self to the table. Be thoughtful in your answers, professional in your approach and always take the high road. If you find yourself slipping into…. ummm…like bad habits or something, take a deep breath, regroup and ask yourself…What Would Ryan Gosling Do?