Does Not Compute – Increasing Tech Demands for Accountants


How tech savvy are you? With companies streamlining their workforce, employees are being asked to broaden their skill set in non-traditional ways. With greater efficiency being the name of the game, we’re seeing an increasing demand for tech based skills in today’s accountants.

Tech Demand #1 – SQL Coding
Do you know how to write an SQL query? SQL, or Structured Query Language, allows you to manage/extract specific data from a database. It’s also helpful for performing enhanced reporting and analysis, and is often used in Access.

Where It’s Seen

SQL is most commonly seen in larger companies. Many senior financial analyst roles are increasingly calling for SQL knowledge. And while you’ll see SQL in a variety of industries, it’s definitely common in financial services.

Tech Demand #2 – It’s a Cloudy Day
More and more firms are using cloud-based software to increase transparency and allow everyone access to real-time data. In fact, as of 2016, 4 out of 10 accounting software users were utilizing cloud-based software.

Where It’s Seen

Because cloud-based software eliminates the lag time between inputting data and delivery, its use is not specific to any function. As this article says, “This helps accountants move from ancillary role of number cruncher to a more active role of providing valuable insight that impacts daily operations.”  Cloud-based software is seen in both reporting and FP&A.

Tech Demand #3 – VBA
VBA, or Visual Basic for Applications is the programming language of Office programs including Excel. It allows the user to automate tasks in Excel and streamline processes.

Where It’s Seen

Larger organizations use VBA to help make process improvements. In fact, larger organizations in general are looking for accountants and finance candidates who can identify and resolve process inefficiencies. This makes senior financial analysts with knowledge of VBA particularly marketable.

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Key Takeaways
In today’s marketplace there is an increasing demand for accountants and finance professionals who are tech savvy. SQL, cloud-based software and VBA are tools that accountants can use to do their job more efficiently. Those who have a working knowledge, or even better a mastery of them, increase their marketability and access to top roles.

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