Finance Professionals: Get More Love


Dave Kerpen, of Likeable Local, recently published an article with a list of CEO’s and the employee they “love the most”. Out of 14 beloved employees, only two were finance professionals. Is that because Finance and Accounting are not vital to the success of these businesses? Or is it because the hard work done to keep corporate finance in check is often an unseen service?

Are you ready to get more love? We’ve pulled together these eight career hacks that will help get you the love you deserve.

1. Take Initiative – Consider involving yourself in special projects like a new system implementation or an acquisition. Become vital outside of the realm of the finance team so people you might otherwise not work with get to know you and your valuable skillset.

2. Develop a Strong Personal Brand – Are you a builder? Stabilizer? Someone who rescues companies from bankruptcy? A personal brand creates impact and impact is memorable.

3. Continuously Refine Your Goals – Even the best laid plans can go sideways. An important part of your success is the ability to adapt and lead to more successful outcomes.

4. Excel with Excel – Excel is here to stay. Make sure you take the time to invest in your technical skills to stay ahead of the pack.

5. Be a Leader – Be a strong listener and a capable problem-solver. Show your team that obstacles are meant to be overcome – either by going around them, over them, or through them.

6. Focus on Results – Being a leader is not a popularity contest. It’s about maximizing your team’s productivity and energy. Your results will show your value more than your supporters.

7. Use Your Words – Industry-specific jargon alienates the very colleagues with whom you need to build strong relationships. Prove your worth with clear language, not acronyms.

8. Harness the Power of the Pen – The ability to clearly tell a story based on the numbers and sums sets the bean counters apart from the business partners. Which do you want to be?

There are so many ways you add value to your organization. Focusing on your communication, leadership and initiative, you can rise not only to the level of a true business partner, but perhaps even a beloved employee.

When was the last time you got a valentine from you CEO? This could be your year!