Get Hired: What Your Finance Recruiter Needs to Know


Your job hunt hasn’t turned up the expected opportunities and you’ve decided to connect with an accounting or finance recruiter.  To maximize the potential success of the process there are several things that your finance recruiter needs to know about you.  Here’s why transparency on all fronts is the key to getting hired.

To ensure alignment between a candidate and the right opportunities, it’s important for your finance recruiter to understand what is motivating you to transition out of your current role.  Is it money?  Is there a lack of opportunity, or challenge?  Do you feel that the company is going in the wrong direction, or that it lacks leadership?  Understanding your motivation helps the recruiter find the right fit for you and your prospective employer.

Be Specific
Your accounting recruiter needs to know what your parameters are.  If you want to work in a specific industry, explain why and connect your skills to industry needs.  If there is a role you want, identify that as well.  Remember, however, that flexibility needs to be an integral part of this process, so figure out what your “must haves” are, and communicate them to your recruiter.

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The Counter Offer
Have you truly explored all possible options at your organization?  Have you had key conversations with your manager about what you need in your role?  If everything else were equal (such as compensation, or opportunities for professional growth) would you stay?  You need to have an honest conversation with your recruiter about how motivated you are to transition.

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Outside the Job
What kind of lifestyle do you want and do you have family commitments that need to be honored?  Giving your recruiter this information is critical to the success of the process.  It helps the recruiter to identify the appropriate company and role (cultural fit for example).  It also aids the client in making the correct choice for his or her organization.

Candidates need to be fully transparent about what goes into their overall compensation package.  What is the base?  What bonus is reasonable?  Does their current role offer a great pension plan or RRSP matching program, and is this important?  Do you want stock options?  Understanding what your compensation needs to be is key.  It gives the recruiter a chance to educate you on what is reasonable for the marketplace, and helps them secure opportunities that make sense for your financial expectations.

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Key Takeaways
When you choose to work with a recruiter you increase your chances of success greatly if you are fully transparent on a number of key issues.  Address compensation honestly.  Communicate what your key motivation is for transitioning and what your work/life balance needs are.  Be as specific as possible about the kind of role and company you see yourself in.  Forming a relationship with a finance recruiter that’s based on mutual respect helps you get the role you want and positions you for future opportunities down the road.

Your Next Step
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