How to Give Back as Accountants in Toronto


As accountants in Toronto it can be fulfilling to give back to our community through some act of social responsibility.  You may choose to work for an organization whose mandate focuses on making a difference, or you may volunteer with a cause that speaks to you.  Regardless of the avenue that you choose, giving back as an accountant can greatly increase your personal and professional satisfaction. Here are some tips on how to make a difference in your community.

If you have time and energy to spare outside of your regular work hours, you may want to consider volunteering with a non-profit or charity.  With organizations in great need of accounting volunteers it won’t be difficult to find a cause that’s a match for your core values.  Altruvest, for example, strives to strengthen Canadian communities by “fostering performance improvement in the charitable sector.”  One way Altruvest achieves this is through increasing, “capacity by introducing new volunteers from the corporate and public sector to charitable board service.”  Volunteering can be a great way of feeling like you’re creating a real difference in your community.

Select the Right Organization
Give some time to selecting the right organization or cause.  Don’t hesitate to set up an informational interview with a non-profit or charity before fully committing yourself.  And keep in mind that you need to be realistic about the kind of time that you can commit.

Corporate Responsibility
Consider working for an organization that has social responsibility as part of its mandate.  KPMG, for example, puts particular emphasis on integrating social responsibility or charitable initiatives into their corporate culture and values.  As well, some organizations may offer paid volunteer hours, allowing you to channel some of your energy into a cause that speaks to you.

To determine how to assess a company’s culture read “Finding Your Perfect Organizational Culture.”

The Charitable Sector and Paid Employment
As finance and accounting recruiters in Toronto, we see people transition for a variety of reasons.  One of them, increasingly, is a core value disconnect between the role or industry and the candidate’s socially responsible drive.  If the public or private sector isn’t a fit, consider charitable work.  Remember, however, that the organization you switch to will likely have fewer resources than the company you left.  You may have to take a pay cut, wear more hats than you anticipated and get into the trenches more often.  That being said, personal and professional satisfaction aren’t always commensurate with financial compensation, and being open to working cross-functionally can add an extra layer of engagement to a role.

A great resource for identifying roles in the charitable section is Charity Village.

Key Takeaways
For those accountants looking to give back to their community, consider volunteering your time.  Another option is to work for an organization whose mandate encompasses social responsibility.  If the public or private sector aren’t a fit, charitable work may be.  Regardless of what avenue you pursue, giving your time and energy to a cause that speaks to you can greatly increase your personal and professional satisfaction.

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