How to Make Contract Employees Feel Like Part of the Team


You have a new contract employee joining your team. You screened them carefully and you think they’ll deliver for your organization. The next steps are important in laying the foundation for success. In order to make your new hire feel like they’re part of the team, there are several things you can do. Many of them occur before he or she even walks through the door. 

Before the Hire Starts – With Your Team

The When and Why
The first step involves communicating the when and why of the hire to your team. Explain why you feel the hire is necessary and when you’re hoping to have them start. This step begins the process of team buy-in.

Skills and Expertise
Once a candidate has been selected, outline their skills and expertise to the team. Frame the conversation around how the new individual will help the team be successful. Brainstorm how best to make the team member feel welcome. For example, is there an individual on the team who can be the “go to” person for the new hire if he or she has any questions?

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Clarify Responsibilities
Clarify each team member’s responsibilities, outlining if any duties have changed. Be specific about what the new hire will be responsible for, so that everyone knows moving forward. 

Before The Hire Starts – With the Hire

Discuss Responsibilities
Explain what each member of the team is responsible for, including the new hire. While you likely discussed the hire’s responsibilities during the interview process, it’s always wise to review everything in the context of the broader team picture.

Send Background Info
To ensure a consultant can hit the ground running, send them background information on the issue to be tackled or the initiative to be achieved. For example, if the consultant needs to write white papers and memos implementing new accounting policy, it may be wise to send them old drafts so that they can review them prior to their arrival. Consider having them sign a nondisclosure agreement to ensure that confidentiality issues are addressed.

Technology and Access
Make sure security passes are completed and technology is ready to go. This will ensure that the contractor can begin right away. Do they have the access they need to do their job well?

After the Hire Starts

On the first day (or even a few days before their official start date), introduce your new hire to everyone, including the established “go to” person. Connect them to the key stakeholders that they’ll need to be successful.

Ongoing Feedback
Regularly scheduled, one-on-one meetings can ensure that your contractor is on track. It will give him or her a chance to discuss concerns and allow you to troubleshoot in advance if needed. Consider scheduling the meetings biweekly, although it’s a good idea to have your initial meeting at the end of the first week.

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Key Takeaways
To set up a new contract employee for success it’s integral that they feel like they’re part of the team. Before your hire arrives speak to your team in advance to facilitate buy-in. Explain why the hire is needed, and source their input about how best to make him or her feel welcome. Consider establishing a “go to” person on the team to help the hire during their first week or two. Make sure that technology and access is in place for the first day so that your hire can hit the ground running. Schedule regular one-on-one status updates to determine if the hire is meeting expectations, or has any concerns that need to be discussed. Be open to giving and receiving constructive feedback so that you can troubleshoot if need be.

Your Next Step
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