How to Rejoin the Finance or Accounting Industry After a Long Break


Long breaks from the workforce are not uncommon. But what happens when it’s time to rejoin the finance and accounting industry? Will your skills still be in demand?

Here are some tips designed to help get you back in the game.

Determine Skill Set Gaps
A long time away from work can lead to knowledge gaps. Reach out to your network, read up on current industry changes and determine how your job’s demands may have shifted. Identify the gaps in your skill set. How can you make yourself relevant again? What professional development opportunities do you need to become marketable? Are there any big transitions coming that you can develop skills for? 

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Consider Interest
Many people who have been away from the workforce don’t consider if their interests have changed. You may land a new role, but if your passion or engagement for the industry has declined, you might find yourself job searching again in 6 months. If you’ve taken a break from work because of burnout or declining career satisfaction, it’s even more important to evaluate your current mindset.

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Update Your LinkedIn Profile
Leverage the power of LinkedIn. Whether it’s writing a great profile, or updating your recommendations, LinkedIn is a way to say, “Look how great I am” without actually saying “Look how great I am.” 

Pro Tip: Consider joining LinkedIn groups. Those who do get 4 times as many profile views as those who don’t.

Your next opportunity will likely come from your network. Reach out on LinkedIn, or, if you have a closer relationship, pick up the phone and invite a former co-worker for coffee. Make the best out of industry events, or other professional networking opportunities (and don’t forget to brush up on your Elevator Pitch)

Connect With a Recruiter
Recruiters who specialize in the finance and accounting industry can be valuable resources. Take the time to build a relationship with a recruiter based on mutual respect and transparency. Recruiters have current market insights, can offer resume tips and access to a broad employer network.

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Key Takeaways
If you’ve been out of the workforce for 6 months or more it can be a bit of a climb to re-enter it. Prepare by reading up on industry requirements. Identify gaps in your skill set and create a plan to address them. In a perfect world, you would be actively engaged in the necessary professional development before updating your LinkedIn profile or reaching out to your network. Finally, consider building a relationship with a recruiter who specializes in the finance and accounting space, as they have a broad employer network and extensive industry knowledge. 

Your Next Step
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